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Should I use bleach (hydrogen peroxide) in my laundry?

One of the most common questions that we receive as a laundry service in Dubai is when it is appropriate to use bleach. If you regularly launder your clothes at home, knowing when to use hydrogen peroxide in your laundry load can mean the difference between getting a pesky stain out or having to live with discolouration and other issues in your clothing. Here are some of the top reasons to add bleach to a load of laundry:

When the label asks for it:

There are certain garments that cannot be washed with liquid household bleach but there are certain product labels that will indicate that the garment is color safe. Most detergentsuse a bleach alternative, which is color safe. Make sure to buy colour safe bleach for your non- white and delicate items. However, you may notice that there are some garments you might own that are indicated as being safe for bleach use.

Blotched on stains:

Using bleach as a deterrent for stains on lighter colored fabrics can be an excellent solution. Dabbing bleach on to an area and testing with a bleach and water solution by dabbing the inside of a stain can let you know if the area will discolour. If the fabrics do not discolour you can blotch widely along the stain and remove it with a regular wash.

Bleaching an entire load:

If you have a load of laundry that is marked safe for bleach and you would like to bleach the entire load of laundry make sure that you consult your washing machine manual to find out how much bleach you should add to the drum. Usually 60 ml of bleach suffices for a 6-7 kg load of laundry. Use the special drawer dispenser to add the bleach and work at following instructions from the bleach manufacturer for diluting the bleach appropriately as well.

Keep some of these ideas in mind regarding the use of bleach in your laundry. Make sure that you’re following all appropriate instructions so that you can prevent the chance of staining your clothing permanently.



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