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The Best Laundry Hacks of All Time!!

As a professional laundry service in Dubai, we have learnt many laundry hacks from our experienced staff and from people that have taught us this business over the years. We wanted to pass along some of our favourite laundry hacks to our customers. These are the short cuts that could have you getting dry-cleaning quality laundry at your own home!

Sort by soil levels

Sorting by soil levels in your laundry can be an excellent way to get the right setting on your laundry

machine. Keeping your gym clothing or caked on dirt aside till last to make sure that you can optimize each load and use the heavy cycle on the items that really need it.

Using white vinegar on your sheets

You can improve the scent of your sheets as well as the brightness and softness by adding a bit of distilled white vinegar to a load. Wash your sheets separate and add a bit of vinegar into the laundry to soften up your linens.

Keep chalk by the laundry machine to handle kitchen grease

Keeping a piece of white chalk by your laundry machine can be the perfect treatment to take down grease. If you have greasy dishtowels or aprons, do a quick rub across them with chalk and add them to the wash, you’ll be amazed at the results and make sure that the grease doesn’t transfer to your other clothing.

Enjoy faster drying time with a clean towel

If you’ve got an extra clean towel, add it into your dryer. A clean and dry towel will work to absorb extra moisture in your dryer so you can dry out your clothing faster and with a fluffier dry as well.

Be sure to try out some of these top laundry hacks the next time you do laundry and if you like them, then please leave us a comment!



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